The gardaí visit Room 15

The gardaí stopped by Room 15 to discuss all the different parts of their uniforms.

They were also talking about crime scenes with the pupils.

Room 15 art fun!

Room 15 were busy this week painting masks.

They look great!

Room 15 – more sports day fun!

Room 15 had so much fun on Sports Day this year.

‘My favourite activity this year was the obstacle course. It was really fun when we did it the second time because Mr. Coghlan made us do a dance move when we got to the hula-hoop. We all had lots of fun. It was a great day.’

Colm Room 15

‘This sports day was really fun. My favourite activity was the three legged race. My brother and I did it together and we won a gold medal. I was really happy. Best day ever.’

Eamonn Room 15


2nd class cricket!

All of the boys and girls in 2nd class went to Kenilworth Park for a cricket blitz. Everyone used all of the cricket skills that they had learned from this year.

Thanks to Laura, Michelle and all of the other coaches. We really enjoyed learning cricket skills. Thanks to Mr. Bermingham for all of the organisation too.


Room 2 – Junior Achievement

Lunia Ryan from LinkedIn came to our class for the last six weeks.

She told us all about the community, banks, money and the government.

We had lots of fun. Thanks Lunia.


Room 2 – floating and sinking

Room 2 had lots of fun learning about floating and sinking.

2nd class in the school garden

Room 2 and Room 6 had lots of fun weeding the school garden.

They were very happy to see their potatoes and cabbage growing so well.

Active Week 2014 – Day #5 – Just Dance Fest!!

The final day of Active Week 2014 was spent dancing!

We all danced to videos and music in the hall. It was great fun and some of the teachers got involved too.

Well done to all of the future famous dancers!

Hope you all had a fun filled week!!!

Active Week 2014 – Day #4 – Dodgeball/High Jump

On Thursday the pupils took part in either dodgeball or high jump.

Everybody had a brilliant time!

Active Week 2014 – Day #3 – Pentaly Pandemonium!

On Wednesday all of the pupils practiced their soccer skills and drills.

They were shooting penalties, dribbling the soccer ball and practicing keepy – uppys!

Well done everyone!