Active Week 2014 – Day #2 – Sports Day

On Tuesday all of the pupils went to Kenilworth park to take part in sports day.

There were plenty of races and some dancing too!

Well done to everyone and thanks to Mr. Bermingham for all of the organising.

Active Week 2014 – Day #1 – Skipping challenge!

Active Week is here again and todays activity was the ultimate skipping challenge.

In the glorious sunshine, all of the classes practiced their skipping skills and then challenged themselves to see how many skips they could do in 30 seconds. Then they had to try and beat that score in another challenge.

Everyone had great fun and tried very hard.

Art Competition 2014

All of the pupils in St. Louis took part in the annual Art Competition this year.

All of the entries took a lot of time and effort. We all voted on the paintings in school. Well done everyone.

Artist Mick O’ Dea came into the school to judge the pictures and we had a big prize giving in the Hall.

Well done to all the budding artists! Thanks to Ms. Barrett and Annette for all of the organising too!

Room 15 – Charcoal drawings

Room 15 have been studying The French Revolution in history. We have discovered so many interesting facts about life in France.

Today in art we sketched the Eiffel Tower using charcoal.

Our sketches look great!

Room 15 – station teaching

Room 15 had so much fun completing station activities in P.E today.

We are really looking forward to Active Week next week!