Science in Room 2

We had lots of fun during science.

We learned that solids and liquids when mixed together made air.

Music in Room 2

We love singing in Room 2.

Lots of fun was had singing around and playing musical instruments.

We love music.

Room 2 – maths fun!

Room 2 have been learning all about hundreds this year in maths.

We had lots of fun learning that one hundred is equal to 10 tens.



2nd class nature walk

On Friday 19th September the boys and girls from second class walked to Harold’s Cross Playground.

Second class learned about the history of the park from Mr. Bermingham.

We then went on a nature walk. We found leaves, horse chestnuts and pine cones.

We played in the playground.

It was a great day!


Room 15 – using the new computer room

Over the summer months the St. Louis computer room was refurbished and now has 30 brand new computers for all the pupils to use.

It looks great and the boys and girls in Room 15 were the first to try out the new machines!

We had great fun researching for our Rathmines projects.