Room 15 – Halloween fun

Lots of boys and girls in Room 15 dressed up for the Halloween party in school today.

Everyone looked great.

Even Damo and Ivor stopped by!!!

Junior Footballers in action

The Junior footballing team had a great season of training and matches.

Well done to everyone!

Room 14 – Actors at work!

The boys and girls in Room 14 were busy creating pieces of drama.

Room 14 – Composing music

Room 14 were busy creating pieces of music with instruments!

2nd class quiz time!

2nd classes went to Halla Cullen today to take part in a very special quiz.

They were in teams and had to answer questions about all of the stories that they had read already this year!

It was great fun! Well done to everyone that took part!

Room 1 – Frankenstein Art

Room 1 are very excited for Halloween!

Check out our scary Frankensteins.

They look great!

Room 1 – learning in the computer room!

Room 1 really enjoyed going to the computer room.

We learned about Halloween traditions from the past.

We are already looking forward to our next trip to the computer room.

Room 1 – Tag rugby

Room 1 are having so much fun in tag rugby. We have been learning all about being part of a team.

We are also improving our rugby skills.

Room 2 – 3D shapes

Room 2 enjoyed making 3-D shapes this week.

We had lots of fun finding out how many faces, vertices and edges 3-D shapes had.