Gaeilge – Seomra 6

Bhí na páistí i rang a dó sa seomra 6 ag caint Gaeilge faoin téama “Mé féin”.

Bhí áthas ar na páistí.


Composing music in Room 6

Room 6 have been busy composing music to the chant ‘Slippery Fish’.

Budding artists in Room 6!

The boys and girls in Room 6 were very busy creating self portraits in art.

They look great!

Room 6 – Science investigation

The boys and girls in Room 6 had great fun discovering the link between their arm span and height.

Do you know what the link is?

Take a closer look at the photographs!

Room 6 – Historians

The children in Room 6 are busy exploring their own history.

Each child brought in a personal artefact from a milestone in their lives.