Room 12 – History of Rathmines

Sixth class in Room 12 have been busy historians, geographers and scientists over the past few weeks.

We have completed projects on the History of Rathmines.

We worked in groups to complete maps of Rathmines using Google Earth and OSI maps to help.

We also investigated all the ‘living things’ that inhabit in ourΒ own school environment and in BelgraveΒ Square.

Rathmines means so much more to us now.

34 thoughts on “Room 12 – History of Rathmines

  1. Thanks Natalia, i enjoyed writing it. I loved studying about the history and the geography of Rathmines. I learned whole bunch of interesting information. I was really surprised when i discovered that the dome of the Mary Immaculate Refuge Of Siners, or in simpler terms the Rathmines Church was originaly meant for Russia. I haven’t a clue why but when i found that out I was really surprised.

  2. Hi, I really enjoyed the Rathmines trail I learnt so much I never knew!
    My favorite building was the Church, I never knew that the dome was originally meant for a Church in Russia. I really liked the design of the building. Thanks so much to Frank for taking us on a tour of the church, we saw so many rooms and I especially liked the Sacristy because we saw all the priests clothes and the chalice.
    The lessons we did really changed my perspective on Rathmines and I definitely know so much more about Rathmines now. Thanks Mr Mooney for bringing us on the history trail and giving us a great project.

  3. I found the Library most interesting I never knew the Library was the first children’s library in Dublin. This has changed my perspective on Rathmines because before we did the project i didn’t know very much about Rathmines.

  4. The trip was really funπŸ‘πŸ‘΄.I never knew that there was only 1 toilet in the church.🚽β›ͺ️

  5. I loved the idea of learning about Rathmines and I’m glad we turned those words into actions.

    The bit I enjoyed the most was finding out all of information of Rathmines college [or Rathmines Town Hall]. Before researching about it I would have never know about the Rathmines Town Hall.

    Before this project, I thought Rathmines was like every other location in Dublin, accept I was missing some information about it E G [The Battle of Rathmines]. But now I know Rathmines is much more than that and now I look at Rathmines with amazement of what has happened here and what still has to come.

    Thank you again Mr Mooney.

  6. My favorite building in Rathmines was the Church.
    I really liked the art features on the bottom floor.

    What made Rathmines different to the other town ships was our beautiful town hall and the Church’s copper dome which stands out from all the other buildings.

  7. Well said Tara 😊 Great to hear you enjoyed the minibeast hunt Natalia and Denis.
    Nice answer Richard, I think the History of the buildings in Rathmines are really interesting too.

  8. My favourite part was in the belgrave square because we searched for insects on trees and I found a lot more new insects that were new to me.

    The trip made me love Rathmines even more because I never knew that there is that much history behind it.


  9. I found studing the townhall most interesting because i never knew that it was a townhall before .
    It changed my perspective of Rathmines because i thought there was no history about Rathmines but when we learned about the history i was very fascinated about the battles of Rathmines and other stuff too .

  10. Hi!!!!😊
    I thought that the the trip was very interesting, it showed us alot about Rathmines, and that its not just any ordinary town. My favourite part was when we went to the park Mr Mooney showed us alot about insects and minibeasts. He also gave us a little free time. It was great fun, and I hope when you visit our little town you will take some time to look around and admire the amazing features of the wonderful buildings.πŸ‘βœŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘†πŸ°πŸ¨πŸΌπŸ―

  11. My favourite part was when we went to Belgrave sqaure. We tried to find insects that were on trees, under rocks and some that were hiding in random places. I enjoyed learning about Rathmines because now I know some buildings that I never knew how special they were. And when other children from St.Louis will be learning about Rathmines hope you will enjoy it like I did.

  12. I found the church very interesting I loved all the clothes the rooms and all the artwork! It was very fun and I loved teaching the class about the rathmines chains around the pond 😊

  13. that is a good question. well the most interesting piece of information I learned was that the dome of the church was originaly meant for Russia. i don’t know why but i was really surprised. I learned a whole bunch of really cool information. Thanks Mr Mooney for giving us the assignment in the first place. I really learned alot

  14. Good boy Liam, nice answer 😊 I think the way human growth and development is shown through the architecture is interesting. It’s interesting that the Squares and Rectangles used in the design symbolise strength compared to the floral designs of the window fans over the doors of the houses along Rathmines road.

  15. Good Question Mr. Mooney

    Firstly I Most enjoyed the Kodak building and one of the reasons are because I knew it was a camera company. Another Reasons I thought the Kodak building was interesting was because all of the different shapes it uses in designing the building.

    Secondly and Lastly, the Research of Rathmines and the things I saw has really let Rathmines stand out to the other towns. If you actually think that not every town like E.G. (Donnybrook) have a Town hall Designed like the Rathmines one. One thing that stand’s out to me the most is the town hall clock (otherwise known as the four-faced liar).

  16. The trip was great fun. We learned new things and saw many buildings that people passed and never new how famous they are. Where is the question mr.mooney?

  17. Hey all!!

    In relation to the History project; what piece of research did you find most interesting?
    How has studying the History, Geography and Science of Rathmines changed your perspective (view/opinion) of Rathmines?

  18. The Rathmines Trail Was awesome and our class and I really had a great time. It was much more better learning some of the buildings outside of school and we just had an amazing time! πŸ˜‰

  19. Wow!u guys must have a lot of detail!good work 6th class we are working on our project too!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ“‘πŸ“‘πŸ“‘πŸ“‘

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