Room 2 – How strong are my muscles?

We had lots of fun in science learning about our inside and outside skeleton.

We did a science experiment to see which arm had the strongest muscle – our left or right.


Room 4 – learning about advertising

Room 4 have been very busy learning about advertising in SPHE. We looked at different advertisements and the various methods that are used.¬†We were then very lucky to have a visit from Sarah’s mum, Karen, who works in advertising. She kindly came into us to tell us about her job and give us the opportunity to ask questions. We all knew how advertising affects us as consumers, so it was great to hear it about it from someone who is involved in working and researching ads. Karen told us about the different companies that she has worked with like Cadbury and Polaroid and all the cities she has travelled to to work. It was really interesting and lots of fun!