Maths week in Room 2

Room 2 went on a trail to celebrate maths week.

We had lots of fun looking at maths in our environment.


Tag rugby in Room 6

Great fun was had by Room 6 at their first tag rugby session!

Room 6 – Digital learning

The children in Room 6 have been busy developing their mouse skills and evaluating internet based games in the computer room.

Room 6 – Pastel pumpkins

Halloween is nearly here.

The boys and girls in Room 6 created Pretty Pastel Pumpkin Pictures!!

Room 6 – maths week activities

As part of maths week activities, the children in Room 6 completed a traffic survey in Rathmines.

2nd class – tree day activities

To celebrate tree day, the children in 2nd class explored a horse chestnut tree on Leinster Road.

They enjoyed drawing the tree.

Room 9 – Benchball

We had lots of fun playing benchball in the hall.

The aim of the game is to throw the ball to your team mate on the bench, then you can get up.

The first team all on the bench, wins!