Spreading freindship in Room 15

The pupils in Room 15 were talking about the fantastic qualities that we each have as a friend.

Our friends in the class wrote their favourite quality about us on the sheet!

We all have amazing qualities and personalities.

Artists in Room 15

The boys and girls were busy creating Winter art today.

They were painting their tree decorations and creating a colourful snowman!

They look great!

Friendship Fortnight 2014

Friendship fortnight began in our school this week. We are looking forward to all the events that will be taking place.

The junior classes had an assembly today. Well done to the children in Room 2 for a great assembly.


A visit from a scientist to Room 2

Science Week 2014

We had a visit from a scientist today who works in UCD. He is Ben’s dad Tom. Tom came to talk to us about electricity. We had lots of fun learning about conductors and insulators. We worked in groups and investigated what items were good conductors and what were good insulators of electricity. We had lots of fun for science week. Thank you Tom and thank you Ben for organising it.

Anthony – Room 2

Room 2 – creative dance

Room 2 had lots of fun in PE.

We made up our own dances to pop music.

We enjoyed working together.