Room 2 learning about construction

Room 2 had lots of fun learning about the Normans in history.

Today during art class we made our Norman shields.

It was a difficult task but we had lots of fun.

St. Brigid’s Crosses by Room 1

We celebrate the feast of St. Brigid on February 1st. People weave crosses of rushes on this special day.

Room 1 – Celebrating Grandparent’s Day

Grandparent’s Day took place on Friday 23rd of January.

Many grandparents visited room 1.

We really enjoyed their stories and we learned so much.

Visiting the ‘Jeanie Johnston’ Famine Ship

On the 28th of January some 5th class boys and girls went to visit the ‘Jeanie Johnston’ ship on Dublin’s Quays of the River Liffey.

We were learning all about the Great Irish Famine in history class. We went into Dublin City Centre and went onto the ship. We learned all about how people travelled on the ship back in 1845 while trying to escape the Famine in Ireland.

It was really interesting to learn all about life aboard the ship. We went to see the Famine statues on the Quays too.

We also went to Grand Canal Dock and did some sketching of the beautiful scenery and played in a really cool playground.

It was a really great day!!

Learning rugby skills in Room 15

The boys and girls in Room 15 are working with Ken from Leinster Rugby to learn new rugby skills.

We are learning about passing, teamwork and movement.

It is really good fun!

Grandparent Day 2015

The school celebrated Grandparent Day on Friday 23rd of January.

Lots of grandparents came to the school.

In Room 2 Abby and Ethan’s Granny came to talk about life long ago.

Abby’s Granny brought her friend with her.

We loved the visit from the grandparents.


Learning about Sound in Room 2

Room 2 had lots of fun learning about sound.

We learned that the thickness and tightness of elastic bands changed the pitch.

We enjoyed making different high and low sounds. Science is fun.

Alan Nolan visits Room 9

We were very lucky to have the author Alan Nolan come to our classroom.

He wrote many books including ‘Fintan’s fifteen’

He really inspired us to write and to create some characters of our own.

A special visitor to room 9!

Mouse, a wildlife expert brought a hedgehog into class as part of the OWLS programme. He was so cute.

We even got to hold him!

Room 15 using the interactive voting pods

The boys and girls were answering questions in a different way today.

They were sending their answers to the interactive whiteboard using their own personal voting pods.

It was a great way to answer some questions on our class novel ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’