Exploding volcanoes in Room 4

Room 4 were investigating materials and change. We investigated what happens acids and bases are mixed. We used vinegar as an acid and bread soda as our base. When we mixed them, we discovered that it created a fizz! To make it more exciting we added food colouring to make our very own volcanoes.

Take a look!

Heart art in Room 15

To celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in Room 15, the boys and girls were very busy cutting and constructing 3-D stuffed hearts for the ones they love.

They look great!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Teeth – scientists at work in Room 6

The boys and girls in Room 6 examined their teeth closely.

They identified their baby teeth/milk teeth and their permanent teeth.

Musicians in Room 6

WOW! The children in Room 6 are learning to play a steady beat on different instruments while they sing a song.

Fabric and fibre mittens

Did you know that the children in Room 6 could be fashion designers?

They created these colourful mittens using fabric and fibre.


Gaelic in Room 6

The boys and girls in Room 6 are really enjoying developing their gaelic football skills.


Garda mock trial in Room 15

Garda Gerry and Garda Brendan visited our class to do a mock trial with the pupils. Some pupils got to be in the trial, some pupils were questioning the witnesses and others were in the jury!

It was really interesting to learn about.


Love is in the air in Room 15

The boys and girls are getting ready for St. Valentine’s Day by preparing some very special art. They are using stencils and paint!

Life in sixth class: Room 12

The students in Room 12 have been busy making struts for 3-D shapes; experimenting with sound in science and using musical instruments to respond on our ‘poem of the month’ “The Sound Collector” by Roger Mc Gough.

We’re looking forward to more hands-on learning in the next few months.

More rugby skills in Room 15

Graham and Louise from Ruggakids were in school to teach Room 15 some important lessons.

We learned about teamwork and respect as well as some brilliant rugby skills.

We are really looking forward to next week.