Construction art in Room 15

The pupils in Room 15 were constructing their own name using lollipop sticks.

It took some time but they all turned out great!

Pop artists in Room 11

The boys and girls in Room 11 were very busy working together to create these fantastic pieces of pop art.

They look great!

Room 10 learning about the Chinese New Year

This week in Room 10 we learned all about The Chinese New Year!

Did you know that the Chinese New Year was on February 19th and the celebrations last for 15 days!
2015 is the year of the Goat.
We made 2 types of Chinese New Year dragons! One using oil pastels and pipe cleaners, and we made the other one with lollipop sticks and crepe paper.
We had lots of fun making these 🙂

Learning about Vikings in Room 10

We learned all about The Vikings in Room 10.
We created scary viking pictures using oil pastels, we made collage pictures of Viking Ships and we even did projects on The Vikings!