Ceilí Mór sa Chlós

To celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge we all went to the yard to take part in a ceilí mór.

Mr. Mc Garrigle led us in our dances together.

15 thoughts on “Ceilí Mór sa Chlós

  1. I wish we did the Ceilí Mor again and again and again. It’s just so fun😀💖.

  2. I sure hope everybody had fun doing irish dancing!
    This was one of the best days of my life!!!

  3. I should work out im quite bad at rugby all of you are going to hammer me hahah
    im really bad 😀

  4. I so love Irish dancing and I won a trophy in Mrs.Hanrahan’s class it was the best day of my life and the second one was this!!!!Thx Mr.cotalan for taking the pics!!!!

  5. Our class practiced that dance, so we were the BEST! Just joking. Everyone was equal… but we were more equal than the others… 🙂

  6. That week was soooooo fun !!!!! I love Irish and its always fun to do Irish dancing in the yard I would be happy if Seachtain na Gaeilge was every week 🙂 .

  7. It Was Really Fun Dancing The Ceilí Mor Sa Chlós! I Love Part When Mr.McGarrigle Said,The First 3 People Hold Hands With The People Infront Of You!It Was. Hilarious😝Hope We Do It Again!-Ann-Marie Rm,15

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