Tag rugby blitz 2015

The boys and girls in 4th and 5th classes were lucky enough to be doing tag rugby lessons with Ken from Leinster Rugby in school for the last few weeks.

After the lessons the pupils went to a tag rugby blitz and played against pupils from other schools in Wanderers Rugby Club. It was a great day and everyone had great fun.

Thanks to Ken for all the lessons and a great day at the blitz!

16 thoughts on “Tag rugby blitz 2015

  1. Its Hard Battling The 6th Class In Another School!But We Beat Them!It Was Great Fun Still!Hope We Can Go There Sometime. ✌✌

  2. i wish i was there but.. i am pretty bad at rugby so never ever EVER pick
    me ill fail ha aha haha no really im terrible -_-

  3. I Loved Rainbow Blitz!It Was Like The Awesome Thing I Did!(Cough Cough)Being Sick Is Horrible😫My Throat Is Sore and I Cant Swallow Anything!Hope I Get Better For The Next 2 Days!

  4. I really loved it. Our team had a draw, win, win. Our team were Scotland. Thanks Ken for letting us play in the matches.

  5. Apart for the bit where I injured my ankle, it was a super terrific day… even though I just watched the games. The match with Wales vs. Kenya was the most entertaining. 🙂

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