Fantastic Mr. Fox in Room 2

Room 2 have been studying the novel Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Today we had lots of fun with fabric and fibre creating our own Fantastic Mr. Fox.

32 thoughts on “Fantastic Mr. Fox in Room 2

  1. ρєяfє¢т яσσм2!They Look Amazing!!!!I Really Missed That Book,Oof,It Sure Made Me Hungry!They Look Amazing!Well Done Rm2! 😊😍👌👌

  2. Did anyone get hungry while reading that book? Because I sure did! Even thinking about it makes me hungry… well done on the masks, as well. They’re all amazing!!!

  3. I would use that as a disguise to hide from all those bad farmer’s I hope
    there not hunting me down now you’ll never know they might be stalking me right now. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  4. we had lots of fun making fantastic mr fox masks i think you should make one and u should check out the book

  5. I loved all the Fox mask’s. They looked really great on all of us.
    Guess one is mine:)

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