Room 1 – Milestones

Room 1 have been busy learning about milestones. A milestone is an important event in a person’s life e.g. your first steps.

We also really enjoyed bringing in mementos from when we were younger and sharing why they are so special.

Room 15 – learning about magnets

The boys and girls in room 15 were learning all about magnets and their force. They were learning how to test for north and south poles on a magnet and they were testing the strength off different shaped magnets.

This experiment was really fun!

Woodland Field Trip

Room 2 had lots of fun in Harold’s Cross Park studying the woodland habitat of the park. We caught a horsefly, ladybirds and an ant. We also enjoyed the playground in the park!

Garda visit to 5th class – CSI time!

The boys and girls in 5th class were very happy to welcome Garda Brendan and Garda Gerry to the classrooms to learn all about CSI in the Garda.

They learned all about a crime scene and forensics and how people act at the scene. The boys and girls got to try on some of the equipment used by the Garda.

They discussed how to be safe online too.

It was a great visit and we really learned a lot! Thanks Brendan and Gerry.



Room 15 café – Open for business!!

The pupils in Room 15 were very busy making sweet treats and tasty bites for our café. You mightn’t want to take a big bite out of these though………they are made of clay!!!

They look great though!!

Room 15 visit St. Louis High School

The pupils in Room 15 were lucky enough to be invited to St. Louis High School by the Transition Year students.

The TY students had been working so hard on making their own web quests and the pupils in Room 15 were happy to pay them a visit and try the web quests out.

Thanks to all the TY pupils and to Ms. Thornton for welcoming us!

St Louis orchestra performs!

All of the pupils and teachers were treated to a magnificent performance in the hall.

The orchestra came together and performed some fantastic pieces. It was so brilliant to see them all performing together.

We also heard the recorder groups perform some fantastic pieces and some lovely piano pieces.

The following evening the orchestra performed for the parents, grandparents, families and friends in Halla Cullen again. It was a lovely evening.

It was great and well done to all the performers – super job!!

New sports gear for St. Louis SPS

We had great fun last week when the school was presenting their new jerseys and shorts to the rest of the pupils. The school is lucky enough to be receiving 2 new kits.

Derek from Bank of Ireland came to the school as Bank of Ireland kindly and generously sponsored one of the new kits.

The other kit was bought after fundraising by the St. Louis Parent’s Association and a sponsorship from Swan Leisure Centre.

They look great!!