New sports gear for St. Louis SPS

We had great fun last week when the school was presenting their new jerseys and shorts to the rest of the pupils. The school is lucky enough to be receiving 2 new kits.

Derek from Bank of Ireland came to the school as Bank of Ireland kindly and generously sponsored one of the new kits.

The other kit was bought after fundraising by the St. Louis Parent’s Association and a sponsorship from Swan Leisure Centre.

They look great!!

6 thoughts on “New sports gear for St. Louis SPS

  1. Okay…I Might Get A Little Crazy About This,But…..OMG!!THEY’RE PURPLE!MY FAVOURITE COLOUR!I WANT TO WEAR THEM TO BADLY!!!!PURPLEEE!💜💜💜💜💜 Those Jerseys Are Beautiful,Amazing,Colourful,A Bit Big.BUT AMAZING!💜I Want To Hug It😩😂

  2. Yay! New jerseys and gear. Old jerseys usually smell bad, so it’s good to get new ones.😛 Wait, there’s no emoticon of a jersey??😱 Where did the world go wrong?! 😭

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