Room 15 visit St. Louis High School

The pupils in Room 15 were lucky enough to be invited to St. Louis High School by the Transition Year students.

The TY students had been working so hard on making their own web quests and the pupils in Room 15 were happy to pay them a visit and try the web quests out.

Thanks to all the TY pupils and to Ms. Thornton for welcoming us!

5 thoughts on “Room 15 visit St. Louis High School

  1. I Loved Doing The Some Questions With Avric!We Couldn’t Really Do Anything On The Computer But We Did Play Some Games!😁Hope We Go There Another Time! xxx❤️

  2. I really liked the video we watched at the start and all of the people were really nice. Some of the questions we had to answer were hard, but it was still fun. 😀

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