Room 15 – learning about magnets

The boys and girls in room 15 were learning all about magnets and their force. They were learning how to test for north and south poles on a magnet and they were testing the strength off different shaped magnets.

This experiment was really fun!

9 thoughts on “Room 15 – learning about magnets

  1. My absolute favourite bit was when we had the iron shavings. When you turned the sheet upside down, the shavings didn’t fall off! And watching them move around was cool. It reminds me of the bit in ‘Robots’ when the hero is magnetised and the iron shavings stick to him.😛

  2. I Loved The Iron Shavings!They Looked So Cool When You Put Them On A Sheet Of Paper And Put The Bar Magnet Under It And The Iron Shavings Follows The Bar Magnet😱😱😝😝Thanks Ms.Neill For Letting Us Do This😊

  3. magnets art so so fun to learn about and play with hope you guys had a wonderful time

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