2nd class school tour

Second class had a great time at Wooly Ward’s farm for our school tour!

Room 1 really enjoyed all of the activities including feeding the animals and learning about how they are cared for.

Active Week Day #5 – Dodgeball for all

All of the pupils in the school took part in some games of dodgeball on Friday. Even some of the teachers took part! In these pictures you can see Room 1 using their best dodgeball skills of throwing and dodging. Well done Room 1.

Richard, Mr. Coghlan and Ms. Neill were there to help out too.

It was great fun.

Well done everyone on a great Active Week 2015. Thanks to all the teachers that helped out and to Room 15 for helping out Ms. Neill too!!

Active Week day #4 – Dance marathon!

All of the pupils went to the hall on Thursday and took part in some group dances. It was great fun.

Later on Mr. Grace did some team building activities with some of the pupils in the yard.

In the afternoon the whole school went to the yard and did a big group dance to Beyoncé ‘Move Your Body’.

It was amazing – after that we had a dance party in the yard!

Active Week Day #3 – rugby and netball

On Wednesday the pupils got to work on their rugby and netball skills. Some pupils were with Mr. Coghlan playing netball and some were with Ms. Neill and Room 15 practicing rugby and tag rugby.

It was great!

Active Week Day #2 – Sports Day

All of the pupils went to Kenilworth Square Park to participate in Sports day.

There were lots of different races and a really fun obstacle course.

It was a great day!


4th class school tour

Room 9 and Room 3 had a great day at the zoo for our school tour! We especially liked the giraffes.



Active Week 2015 – Day #1

Active Week kicked off this week and Day 1 was full of lots of different activities.

2nd and 3rd classes were with Niamh and Richard in the bottom yard and they were learning all about tennis and practicing their skills. It was great fun and thanks to Niamh for organising all the tennis activities.

The 4th, 5th and 6th classes were in the top yard taking part in lots of different activities. The activities were skipping, wall sit, badminton, soccer dribble, burpees, volleyball, ladder runs, basketball dribble and bowling. Everybody had to try their best at all of the stations. It was hard work but great fun.

Mr Coghlan took some pupils into the yard or extra skipping too!

We’ve started off the week being VERY active!




Room 15 – Waterways trip

Room 15 took a trip to the Waterways Ireland visitors centre last week. We were going to learn more about the waterways of Ireland and the canals in Dublin.

We saw lots of flora and fauna while we walked along the Grand Canal.

Godfrey was our tour guide and he told us all about the canals, barges and locks. Then we got to see some interesting places in Grand Canal Dock and we got to learn all about how the locks work.

It was a really fun, interesting day.

Room 15 – Video chat with their pen pals

The pupils in Room 15 have been emailing their pen pals in Chicago all year and finally they got to see what they looked like this week with a group video chat.

We spoke to our pen pals and chatted about our summer plans.

It was great to put some faces to the names of our pen pals.

2nd class trip to Belgrave Square

Second class went on a trip to Belgrave Park on Friday 12th June. We learned some very interesting facts about the history of Belgrave Square.

We then had great fun taking part in different sports activities including javelin throwing and relay races.

We had a lovely time and it was great preparation for active week!