Room 15 school tour 2015

Room 15 went with the other 5th and 6th classes to Lilliput Adventure Centre on their school tour.

We set off from school on the buses straight away and had to travel to Westmeath. We were all very excited to get there and start our activities.

We got to do lots of different games and activities like rock climbing, group games, capture the flag activity, kayaking, bog jumping and assault course and orienteering.

It was a super fun-filled day!!!!


Room 14 visit Harold’s Cross Park

Room 14 visited Harold’s Cross Park as part of Tree Day and enjoyed the playground at the end.


Tangrams in Room 14

A tangram is a Chinese traditional puzzle made of a square divided into seven pieces which can be arranged to make various other shapes. Quite a challenge!


Science week activities in Room 14

Room 14 investigated how pressure from gases works to propel objects such as rockets although in the classroom the rocket was a balloon and air pressure was used. They also looked at what was the best material for preventing damp using water, food colouring, sugar cubes and different materials such as kitchen foil and cling film.


Periscopes in room 14

Room 14 investigated how periscopes work as they learned that light rays reflected off the mirror and bounced down the periscope into your eye. This is how you can see the objects out the top of the periscope.

Forensic scientists in Room 14

Room 14 used a technique called chromatography which involves separation of colours to help solve a mystery as they became forensic scientists!


Room 14 visiting the Jeanie Johnston

Room 14 visited the Jeanie Johnston famine ship as part of their History unit on the famine where we learned what conditions were like for families who made this tough journey across the Atlantic ocean and what happened to some of those when they reached the shores of America.  We visited a great playground to top off a great day!

Room 14 – Clay heads

Room 14 enjoyed working with clay to create some interesting clay heads!