Room 15 – Video chat with their pen pals

The pupils in Room 15 have been emailing their pen pals in Chicago all year and finally they got to see what they looked like this week with a group video chat.

We spoke to our pen pals and chatted about our summer plans.

It was great to put some faces to the names of our pen pals.

7 thoughts on “Room 15 – Video chat with their pen pals

  1. Aww….I Really Loved That Day!It Was The Best Part Of My Life!Thanks So Much Ms.Neil For a Letting This All Happen Because I Missed Being In 5th Class And I Missed Being With You!☺️❀️

  2. That was the BEST part of the week by far! Seeing our pen-pals face-to-face was great!!!!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜„ Thanks so much Ms. Neill!πŸ˜„

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