Room 15 – Waterways trip

Room 15 took a trip to the Waterways Ireland visitors centre last week. We were going to learn more about the waterways of Ireland and the canals in Dublin.

We saw lots of flora and fauna while we walked along the Grand Canal.

Godfrey was our tour guide and he told us all about the canals, barges and locks. Then we got to see some interesting places in Grand Canal Dock and we got to learn all about how the locks work.

It was a really fun, interesting day.

6 thoughts on “Room 15 – Waterways trip

  1. I Loved The Trip!We Also Went Pass Bord Gás Theatre!We Got Treats And Little Note Pads📒I Enjoyed It Every Much!

  2. That was a great day! If you looked closely at the water, you could see all the little fishies!🐟🐠

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