Active Week day #4 – Dance marathon!

All of the pupils went to the hall on Thursday and took part in some group dances. It was great fun.

Later on Mr. Grace did some team building activities with some of the pupils in the yard.

In the afternoon the whole school went to the yard and did a big group dance to BeyoncĂ© ‘Move Your Body’.

It was amazing – after that we had a dance party in the yard!

Active Week Day #3 – rugby and netball

On Wednesday the pupils got to work on their rugby and netball skills. Some pupils were with Mr. Coghlan playing netball and some were with Ms. Neill and Room 15 practicing rugby and tag rugby.

It was great!

Active Week Day #2 – Sports Day

All of the pupils went to Kenilworth Square Park to participate in Sports day.

There were lots of different races and a really fun obstacle course.

It was a great day!