Active Week Day #5 – Dodgeball for all

All of the pupils in the school took part in some games of dodgeball on Friday. Even some of the teachers took part! In these pictures you can see Room 1 using their best dodgeball skills of throwing and dodging. Well done Room 1.

Richard, Mr. Coghlan and Ms. Neill were there to help out too.

It was great fun.

Well done everyone on a great Active Week 2015. Thanks to all the teachers that helped out and to Room 15 for helping out Ms. Neill too!!

2 thoughts on “Active Week Day #5 – Dodgeball for all

  1. Everybody had great fun doing dodge ball on the last day of Active Week.
    I had great fun throw and picking up balls and then knoking out people.
    I’m sure everyone had fun on THAT day:->

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