Room 6 – maths week activities

Room 6 completed a traffic survey in Rathmines as part of Maths week 2015 activities.

Javelin practice in 2nd class

Room 6 and room 11 have been busy practicing their throwing skills.  Take a look at some photos taken during a recent PE lesson.

Halloween art in Room 6

The boys and girls in room 6 had great fun creating Halloween pastel pumpkins!


Room 9 – Aboriginal art

Room 9 worked on some Aboriginal dot paintings.

The finished results looked great!

GOAL Jersey Day 2015

On the 9th of October 2015, the pupils and staff of St. Louis SPS all wore in a jersey and donated money to the charity GOAL.

We raised €795.40!

That is a super amount to raise for a great charity.

Well done everyone.

Maths week in Room 1

This week is Maths Week and Room 1 have been very busy! On Wednesday we completed a travel survey in Rathmines. We really enjoyed keeping tally of the different types of transport we saw. We noticed that a lot of people cycle though Rathmines. On Thursday we went on a maths trail around our school. We saw lots of different shapes in the playground and counted how many classrooms there were along the corridor and in the yard. It was great fun!




Celebrating Tree Day in Room 1

Tree Day took place on the 8th of October and Room 1 learned all about the horse chestnut tree. We took a trip onto Leinster Road and examined the leaves of the horse chestnut. Did you know we get conkers or chestnuts from the horse chestnut? We then helped Brian prepare the soil for planting in the Millennium Playground. We really enjoyed Tree Day!






Room 15 – tag rugby

The boys and girls are so lucky this year because they get to learn and practice their rugby skills with Ken from Leinster Rugby.

It is really great fun and we are all looking forward to the next lessons and the rugby blitz at the end!

IMG_7769 IMG_7768

Room 14 – Minibeast hunt

Room 14 conducted a minibeast hunt in the Millennium Playground this week. We looked at the different habitats in the school environment and using pooters and magnifying glasses, we were then able to examine and classify the various minibeasts that we found. We never knew that so many different creatures lived in our school environment! We found worms, moths, earwigs and ants to name a few! It was loads of fun.