Room 9 – Aboriginal art

Room 9 worked on some Aboriginal dot paintings.

The finished results looked great!

9 thoughts on “Room 9 – Aboriginal art

  1. YO – YO Dmitrijs Is Here. Hi there friends your comments as I would say are BEAUTIFUL so see you on Monday Peace Out. P.S. YO.

  2. Those dot paintings look great.I remember doing them last year when I was in fourth class.I really enjoyed it and hope you also enjoyed.:-]

  3. Yo – Yo Room 15 Hows It going Yo well I saw your comments and they were as I would say AWESOME and I hope the next one will be Awesome as well Peace Out Yo. P.S. Yo.

  4. So… Ms. Geary’s class is full of modern aborigines, eh? Just kidding. Keep up the great art! 😜😄😉

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