Sam Maguire and Kevin Mc Manamon visit St. Louis SPS

Today the pupils were all very excited to gather in Halla Cullen to welcome some special visitors to St. Louis.

Dublin GAA player Kevin Mc Manamon came to the school with the Sam Maguire cup that Dublin won in the All-Ireland Final this year.

He spoke to the pupils about what it was like to be a Dublin GAA player and he also answered questions from some of the pupils.

He was also joined by Niall Cooper and Ger Mc Tavish from the Dublin GAA board.

It was super to meet such a great star and see the trophy.

Thanks to Mr. Bermingham for organising it all!

21 thoughts on “Sam Maguire and Kevin Mc Manamon visit St. Louis SPS

  1. The Sam Maguire Was So Far The Funnest Thing Of The Year From 2015-2016, I Wish He Could Visit Our School Again From 2016-2017

  2. It was such a fun day today it was so fun.About 10 people got to ask questions.Most people wore blue t-shirts and shirts today :). Everybody saw the Sam maguire in the hall that Dublin won this year .

  3. I was so exited for this day . We all saw the Sam Maguire cup in the hall.I wood like to hold it . Sam Maguire told us a lot of in info about GAA . it was a fun day 😀

  4. I really wanted to ask a question but they didn’t ask me. 🙁 .I really wanted to hold the Sam Maguire.They should have taken class photo’s with every class then every one could have a photo with the Sam Maguire. I am happy that Dublin won but I would have preferred it if Kerry won. my mum is from Kerry so I would have been happy either way.Up Dublin 🙂

  5. Yo – Yo friends How Is It Going?The Comments are cool and all but you should post more ,just saying anyway AWESOME so Peace Out. P.S. Yo.

  6. I was at the top, left second person on the bench.I asked Johnny a question.I was really nervous while asking him the question.

  7. When Kevin came I thought it was a dream but it was not and also it was really sad when he left but it was the best day of my life so far 🙂

  8. It was so awesome to meet Kevin Mc Manamon, Nial Cooper and Ger Mc Tavish with the Sam Maguire cup.

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