Radiating positivity from Room 4!

Positive Post-it Day!

Room 4 have unofficially declared today “positive post it day” in St. Louis SPS and around Rathmines J

We wanted to try to make a difference in the school today and put a smile on everyone’s face.

The students arrived in to school with Mr. Mooney at 8am and posted positive notes on EVERY chair of EVERY student in the school!  Everyone in the school received a SURPRISE POSITIVE POST-IT note with some words of encouragement, compliments and general good feeling J

We then took to the streets of Rathmines to distribute some positive post-it notes to people in our community.

Task: Take your positive post it note, giove it to someone else; that way YOU are putting a smile on someone else’s face too.

Make a difference! Make the little bit of the world that you’re in a better place because YOU’RE in it!

Happy Friendship  Fortnight!


From all the students in Room 4


14 thoughts on “Radiating positivity from Room 4!

  1. Amazing day. Was real fun waking up in the morning and putting smiles on pearled faces.😊😃

  2. Hi,
    I received THE nicest gesture in quite some time from one of the amazing students at the school. Good you the teachers and students for spreading happiness! It made my week and more!

  3. I had such a great day super awesome shout out to M.r Mooney for this idea and shout out to Ryan tubearty for giving me his signature today in Starbucks

  4. Just received a positive post-it note on the street in Rathmines after a hard day at work. It made me smile just when I needed it! Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Received a positive post it while walking through Rathmines today. A fantastic idea, thank you for making me smile and keep up the great work!

  6. Awesome day! Highly recommend for other people to do something like this. Its nice to see other people smile 🙂

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