School Christmas Carol Service 2015

All of the pupils and teachers went to Halla Cullen to celebrate Christmas with a carol service and prayer service.

Fr. King led us in prayer and the choir snag beautifully.

Room 9 did a wonderful drama piece about the birth of Jesus.

After that we sang Christmas songs together.

Daniel from Room 15 got up to sing and so did some of the teachers!!


Festive Fun in Room 6

The boys and girls in room 6 have been busy creating festive designs and crafts and completing Christmas themed ICT activities.  

The students become the teacher in Room 15

Pupils worked very hard to write a procedural writing piece in Room 15 based on a new playground game that they created.

They worked in pairs to come up with the new game and wrote down the rules to the new game.

In the yard we all got to try out the games and we had to listen to the inventors for the aim and the rules.

It was great fun!!

Christmas decorations in Room 15

The pupils in 5th class were very busy making beautiful decorations out of clay.

The clay then had to be painted and glazed to create a beautiful decoration to hand at home or even give to someone special as a gift.


Merry Christmas Everyone from Room 15!

Jumping clay in Room 3

Room 3 took part in a wonderful workshop and created villages made out of Jumping Clay.

Dramatics in Room 15!

Students in Room 15 were putting their improvisation skills to the test this week when they had to put together a short drama piece based on a theme that Ms. Neill gave them.

It was really great turning our classroom into a theatre!!

DIT music students work with Room 17

Some music students from DIT Rathmines came to the school to work with Room 17 for the last few weeks.

The composed their own music and worked in groups to create lovely singing and instrumental pieces. The whole school went to a special concert given by Room 17 and the DIT students.

It was really good!

Learning from each other!!

Room 1 (2nd class) and Room 15 (5th class) came together today to learn from each other.

All of the pupil’s in Room 15 were paired up with a pupil in Room 1 and they taught their buddy about some procedural writing that they had learned.

The pupils used procedural writing to make Christmas snowflakes and also Christmas stocking with their new friends.

Then the 2nd class pupils taught the 5th class pupils all about the science project they had done about sugar content in drinks. It was very interesting.

It was a super day and we cant wait to do it again!!

Winter artists in Room 15

The boys and girls in Room 15 were busy creating beautiful pieces of art. They learned about Van Gogh’s picture called ‘Starry Night’ and made some snowman pictures using Van Gogh’s picture as inspiration.

Look at the swirling nights sky!

Being thankful in Room 15

The pupils in Room 15 were discussing all the things that they were thankful for in their lives.

We all have a lot to be thankful for – What are you thankful for?