Boxing lessons with Olympic Gold medalist

Sixth class pupils have had the wonderful privilege of being taught a series of boxing lessons by Olympic gold Medalist Michael Carruth. The lessons focused on skill and fitness development and have been taking place every Tuesday and Thursday morning. All students took part in the Bronze programme; Michael and his brother Martin selected students from this group to continue to the Silver programme in Drimnagh boxing club. Finalists will be selected from this group to take part in the Gold Programme in the National Stadium where boxing greats like Katie Taylor and Kenny Egan train.
Huge Congratulations to all involved.

Station teaching with Room 1

The boys and girls in Room 1 were busy working on their ball handling skills in PE this week.  Each PE station involved team work and we all tried so hard to help and encourage our friends! 

Scratch programming in Room 1!

Room 1 had a wonderful time learning about ‘Scratch Programming’ in the computer room with  Mr. Roche and the pupils from Room 12. We learned all about how to choose and design our own characters and backgrounds. We were also very excited to see some of the 4th class finished projects. These projects were so creative and really inspired 2nd class!  

Learning about The Vikings in Room 10

Room 10 have been busy learning all about the Vikings. We even did projects on the Vikings and lots of Viking art!

Round towers in Room 10

We learned all about the monasteries of Ireland in Room 10. We even made our own round towers!!

Observational drawings in Room 15

Room 15 were learning all about the Ester Rising in 1916 in Ireland and as part of that we were learning about the General Post Office (GPO) in Dublin.

This was a very important building during the Rising.

The pupils were drawing their own pictures of this historic building.

This is just a selection of the wonderful pictures!


Book fair 2016

All of the pupils in the school went to the book fair last week. Some people bought new books and were very interested in them.

Well done to all of the teachers and pupils that were helping out. It was a great success.

Room 2 – learning about the Aztecs

Room 2 have enjoyed learning about the amazing Aztecs.