Room 2 – A trip to the book fair

Room 2 browsed through the exciting books at the book fair.

Room 2 – learning about time

Room 2 have been playing clock games in pairs to help learn about time.


Love is in the Room 15 air!!

Room 15 were busy constructing love hearts to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

We stuffed the 3-D hearts and decorated them with patchwork tissue paper.

They turned out really great!

Happy Chinese New Year from Room 15

The 8th of February marked the start of the Chinese New Year.

2016 is the year of the monkey.

Pupils in 5th class were celebrating by making traditional Chinese lanterns.

Learning all about Mexico in 5th class

The boys and girls in Room 14&15 were learning all about Mexico in Geography.

We learned about lots of Mexican traditions and art work and even made our own art too including sombreros, Ojo de dios and day of the dead masks.

We had a Mexican fiesta too to celebrate all things Mexican in the classrooms and got to sample some Mexican foods and dance to Mexican music.

It was great fun!


Computer room fun in Room 1

Room 1 were very busy researching some Irish garden birds today. Some boys and girls chose the robin, others learned about the wren. We discovered lots of interesting facts about where they nest and what they like to eat. We’re already looking forward to our next trip to the computer room!

Celebrating St. Brigid’s Day in Room 1

St. Brigid is a patron saint of Ireland. We read the story of St. Brigid on Monday and made these beautiful St. Brigid’s crosses to celebrate her feast day.


Exploding volcanoes in Room 14

Room 14 were investigating materials and change. We investigated what happens acids and bases are mixed. We used vinegar as an acid and bread soda as our base or carbonate. When we mixed them, we discovered that it created a fizz! To make it more exciting we added food colouring to make our very own volcanoes.


Take a look!

Peer tutoring in St. Louis

The boys and girls in Room 15 were very busy completing procedural writing pieces based on the inventions of new playground games.

When they were completed we invited 2nd class, Room 1 to the yard to help us out to play them.

We told them the procedure involved in playing the game and then we played it.

We had super fun!!