Newspaper investigators in Room 15

The boys and girls in Room 15 have been learning all about The 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland.

They also got a chance to explore some newspapers and read about life at the time of the Rising and the people involved. They read about how much Dublin City changed during this time and they looked at maps of the places that were used during the fighting.

It was really interesting and we reported back what we had learned to the class.

Room 15 – Pop artists!

In Room 15 the pupils were learning about pop art and some of the artists associated with this type of art.

We learned about artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, David Hockney and Richard Hamilton.

The most famous artist that we were learning about was Andy Warhol. We created our own Andy Warhol inspired pop art. The are really colourful and they really ‘pop’!!

Room 6 – Mathematicians at work!

Exploring the topic of weight in room 6. Take a look around your house- what items do you think will weigh less than a kilogramme? Why not investigate for yourself!


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Room 6 – pretty pinch pots

Room 6 created pretty clay pots with interesting designs. They are looking forward to painting and decorating them.

Room 6 – Materials in our school environment

The boys and girls in room 6 investigated different materials in our school grounds and they recorded their findings. They enjoyed being scientists!

Room 6 – Caring for animals

The children in room 6 enjoyed a visit from a local vet. They learned all about how to care for their pets!

Room 12’s Trip to The Little Museum and RHA Gallery

Last Wednesday, our class went in to town to visit The Little Museum and to see Mick O’Dea’s paintings about the 1916 rising.

Ms. Hartigan came with us for the day. We went through Iveagh Gardens on the way and it was full of muddy puddles. It was hard to jump over them and Christian’s runners got muddy. He was not happy.

At the museum, we were greeted by a man with a stuffed black crow. Inside, we looked at comic posters about the 1916 Rising. A tour guide showed us photo’s all about life 100 years ago and one of the children looked like Ethan!

Afterwards, we went into a room full of artefacts from the last 100 years. We saw a 1960’s TV which was small and had no remote, an old telephone, a hairdryer and a case of gold painted monster munch! There was a grip meter which was an old amusement park game to test your strength. Ben got the highest score out of the boys and Sophie for the girls. Upstairs, we stamped our own news headlines and looked around a room full of U2 props.

Before we went to the gallery, we had our lunch in St. Stephen’s Green. While we were eating, seagulls swarmed around us and tried to steal our food. We escaped from the Seagull Rising and headed over to the playground.

Once we were finished playing, we moved on to the gallery. The first group of Mick O’Dea’s paintings were portraits of the leaders of the Easter Rising. They were very colourful and expressive. In the main room we saw cardboard sculptures of Daniel O’Connell and a gun boat with Britannia in it. There were four large paintings on the walls – of the RHA Gallery in blazing flames, the GPO, Trinity College and a group of soldiers in front of Parnell’s Monument. Finally, it was time to go and we walked back to school along the canal.  

We had a great day and really enjoyed seeing the museum and paintings. We hope to go on another trip soon!


By Room 12