Room 7 – creating 3-D shapes

Room 7 created their own 3-D shapes using sticks and plastacine.

Room 7 – learning about compliments

Room 7 were giving each other compliments. Everyone was feeling great.


Room 7 – learning about materials

Pupils were learning about what materials things were made of and they were discussing the difference between natural materials and manufactured materials.

The different materials had to be grouped.

Room 7 – learning about division

Pupils in Room 7 were learning how to do division with remainders.

Room 7 – geography trail

Room 7 were doing a geography trail around the school. They were learning from Brian and looking for different plants and wildlife around the school.

Room 7 – celebrating Grandparents Day

Room 7 invited some grandparents into school to tell us about their lives and about how life has changed for them since they were in school.

We learned so much.

Room 7 – creating clay pots

The boys and girls in Room 7 were busy during art making clay coil pots. Once they were dry and hard they painted them and they looked super.

Room 7 – using computers to make comics

Room 7 were using the computers to make their own comics.

They are really great.

Room 7 – Interviewing Santa and the reindeer

The boys and girls in Room 7 were practicing their interview skills and were asking questions of Santa and Rudolph during a drama and English lesson

On the day of the Christmas holidays there looked great in their own clothes as there was a no uniform day.

Room 7 – debating through maths

Room 7 were doing a maths problem and were debating about how many shapes they could see in a maths question.

It was great fun.