Handball practice with Peter Mulryan and Room 15

Peter Mulryan (Ms. Mulryan’s dad) came into school and taught us all about the game of handball. We learned lots of new skills that we never knew about before.

It was super fun and thanks to Peter for teaching us.

Balancing acts in Room 15

The pupils in Room 15 were learning about balance in science this week. They got to do an experiment with different objects and see at what point they balanced on a scales.

Well done everyone.

5th class canal trip

The boys and girls in 5th class were learning all about the Grand Canal.

Eanna Ní Lamhna who is an Irish biologist came in to the school to talk about the history of the canal and the things you might see there.

Then we went to the canal and studied the flora (flowers) and fauna (wildlife/animals) that were present at the canal.

It was great fun and we learned so much.

Room 1 – dancing stars!

The boys and girls in Room 1 have been learning all about the 1960s in SESE. We have discovered lots of interesting information about fashion, music and dance in this decade. We really enjoyed dancing to ‘The Twist’ and ‘The Mashed Potato’!

Room 1 – Fun with fabric and fibre

This week Room 1 created their bedrooms using fabric & fibre! They are so bright and colourful!

Room 14 – EU PowerPoints

5th class in Room 14 are busy learning about the European Union and it’s countries. We’ve each taken a country and are creating a PowerPoint project about these. This involves a lot of research of the country and learning how to create a PowerPoint. It’s a great, fun and new way to do a project though!

6th class boxing showcase

6th class pupils have been learning all about the skills involved in being a boxer from Olympic champion Michael Carruth and his team.

The 5th and 6th class pupils were invited to the National Stadium to watch some of the pupils show us the skills they had learned.

It was great to see all the work that was put in and well done to all those who were involved.