2nd class sports day

2nd class had a wonderful day at Cathal Brugha Barracks on Tuesday. We enjoyed relay races, three legged races and even an obstacle course race! It was a lovely day and thanks to Mr. Bermingham, Ms. Kilcommons and Mr. Coghlan for organising all the fun activities!

2nd class school tour – Wooly Wards Farm

Second class had a great time at Wooly Ward’s farm for our school tour!

Room 1 really enjoyed all of the activities including feeding the animals and learning about how they are cared for.

Active week day #5

Friday was dodgeball for all!

We played lots of games of dodgeball and Room 15 were super helpers.

Well done everyone on a brilliant Active Week!!!

Active Week day #4

Day 4 of active week was made up of HIIT training with Ms. Doherty for the senior classes and speed skipping for the junior classes.

The training was hard with Ms. Doherty and she made us a lot fitter.

We also learned lots of new skipping techniques with Ms. Neill.

We all came together in the yard in the afternoon to dance the Beyoncé dance and have a little dance party too!

It was a great day.

Active Week day #3

On Wednesday all of the pupils were very busy doing many activities.

Some of the classes were doing circuits in the yard. The activities that were completed were basketball shots, tennis, handball, sprints, ladder runs, crab walk, jumping jacks, football dribbling, speed skipping, volleyball, GAA solos and strength training. It was super fun and Room 15 helped all of the pupils at their stations.

Some other pupils were in the hall doing some yoga with Mr. Mooney. They were learning different poses and breathing techniques. It was really great. Thanks to Mr. Mooney.

Some other pupils were in the yard doing cricket with Dermot from Leinster cricket. We learned so much from him.

It was another successful day of Active Week!

Active Week day #2 – Sports day

Tuesday of Active Week was very good this year. We went to Kenilworth Park and ran obstacle courses and races. Some even won medals but we all had a brilliant day.


Active Week 2016 Day #1

Active Week is here again and it kicked off with a bang!!

On Monday all of the pupils were busy learning and practicing new skills. The bad weather didn’t dampen our spirits!

2nd and 3rd classes were in the hall practicing their tennis skills with Niamh. They were how to hold the racket and connect with the ball. They were trying to rally the ball back and forth with Niamh. It was great fun!

4th, 5th and 6th classes were learning the brand new skills of Lacrosse. Aisling from Lacrosse Ireland came into school and taught us all about this sport. We were practicing throwing and catching the ball using the special lacrosse sticks. It was tricky but we enjoyed learning new skills.

Big thanks to Niamh and Aisling for coming in and helping us during Active Week!

5th class school tour

Room 14  & 15 went with the 6th classes to Lilliput Adventure Centre on their school tour.

We set off from school on the buses very early and travelled to Westmeath. We were all very excited to get there and start our activities.

We got to do EIGHT different games and activities like rock climbing, group games, capture the flag activity, kayaking, bog hopping, orienteering and archery.

It was an amazing day!

Room 14 – learning about electricity

Room 14 were learning all about electricity and making a variety of circuits like parallel, simple and series circuits using batteries, wires and bulbs. We also used switches with our circuits. It was lots of fun!

Room 1 and Room 15 – Peer tutoring

Room 1 and Room 15 got together again to learn the dance for Active Week this year.

We partnered up with our buddy and were learning the dance moves to Beyoncé – Move your body! The 5th class were teaching the moves to the second class pupils.

It was great fun to learn together.