Room 1 and Room 15 – Peer tutoring

Room 1 and Room 15 got together again to learn the dance for Active Week this year.

We partnered up with our buddy and were learning the dance moves to BeyoncĂ© – Move your body! The 5th class were teaching the moves to the second class pupils.

It was great fun to learn together.

Room 6 – self portrait etchings

Take a look at some examples of the self portraits created by room 6. They are really colourful!

2nd class trip to the park

Fun Day in the park for all 2nd class children – All of the 2nd class pupils enjoyed playing games in the local park in the sunshine!


Room 6 – learning about measurement

Mathematicians at work in room 6. The children estimated the length and width of different objects and then measured them.

Room 6 – future Gaelic stars!

Room 6 were busy practicing their Gaelic football skills.