Active Week day #3

On Wednesday all of the pupils were very busy doing many activities.

Some of the classes were doing circuits in the yard. The activities that were completed were basketball shots, tennis, handball, sprints, ladder runs, crab walk, jumping jacks, football dribbling, speed skipping, volleyball, GAA solos and strength training. It was super fun and Room 15 helped all of the pupils at their stations.

Some other pupils were in the hall doing some yoga with Mr. Mooney. They were learning different poses and breathing techniques. It was really great. Thanks to Mr. Mooney.

Some other pupils were in the yard doing cricket with Dermot from Leinster cricket. We learned so much from him.

It was another successful day of Active Week!

One thought on “Active Week day #3

  1. I loved doing the yoga it was great. Mr. Mooney did a great job. It was so fun helping Ms. Neill with the circuits.

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