Super Heroes in Room 15

In Room 15 we made super hero masks.

We decorated them with lots of colours and crafts.

What do you think of our masks and our super heroes?

Transpiration in Room 15 – Living things

Room 15 were learning all about transpiration in science this week.

We discussed what transpiration is and how water travels up through a plant and onto the petals. That water is then evaporated up by the sun.

To show this, we conducted an experiment using flowers and coloured water.

The coloured water travelled up through the flower and you can see the colour change in the petals.

We were able to prove transpiration.

Room 11 – learning about heat – Materials

Room 11 had lots of fun in science class this week. We are learning about heat so we decided to conduct an experiment. We were wondering what would happen when we applied heat to chocolate.

In order to find out, we made yummy Rice Krispie buns! 

We learned all about chocolate changing from a solid to a liquid and we really enjoyed eating them too!