Room 14 – Drama

Room 14 were working on their improvisation skills when, in groups, they put together a small drama based on a story they were working on in English. We had great fun performing them in front of the class.



Super Troopers has started in St. Louis SPS!!!

All of the pupils received their Super Trooper journal and wall chart.

Some pupils from Room 15 went to the classes in the school to explain the different activities and how to fill in the journal and the wall chart.

Keep writing down all of the activities that you do inside school and outside school.

It is going to be great to see how active and healthy St. Louis SPS are.


Maths Trail in Room 15

We are doing lots of activities in Room 15 for maths week.

We were doing lots of maths activities all around the school on our maths trail. We thought up some interesting questions for the maths trail.

We had to measure and calculate different problems.

It was really good fun.

Getting ready for Halloween in Room 15

The pupils were excited to be getting ready for Halloween.

Some pupils in Room 15 were busy helping with carving pumpkins.

Maths Week in Room 1

It is Maths Week and Room 1 have been very busy! Today we took a trip down to Rathmines to take a traffic survey. We noticed lots of cars, buses and bicycles. We have also been enjoying extra maths games and activities in our classroom and around the school!


Maths Week 2016 – Computer room fun with Room 15

Room 15 kicked off Maths week with some computer room fun and games.

The pupils were taking part in lots of online maths activities and games.

It was great fun while also learning more about maths.

Mini-beasts hunt in Room 15 – Living things

Room 15 were hunting some mini beasts in the Millennium playground.

We were studying what we found and placing all of the information in our copy.

We found some really interesting mini-beasts.


Garda Visit 5th classes


Garda Ben and Garda Brendan visited the 5th classes to talk about being safe over Halloween .

They spoke about how to act safely and enjoy all of the celebrations.

We got to do a word search about Halloween safety and the winners got to use some of the Garda equipment!

It was great fun.