Mannequin challenge in 6th class

The 6th classes were getting together to complete the newest craze – The Mannequin Challenge. The aim is to stay completely still like a mannequin in a shop window!

Well done everyone!

Science Week in Room 1 – Showcase event

The boys and girls in Room 1 were very busy during science week. We really enjoyed visiting the 6th class science fair in Room 17. The 6th class children worked so hard on their experiments and we found it very interesting to listen and learn from them!

Maths week in Room 14

As part of Maths Week, Room 14 completed lots of fun activities. We did a Maths trail around the school based on lines and angles, we visited the Maths Fair in the hall to complete different activities at different stations, we developed our skills in estimation and problem solving also. It was loads of fun!

Room 14 say ‘Good Luck Clarissa’

Our friend, Clarisa, left our class before the mid-term break to move to Italy. We will miss her a lot but we have lots of lovely memories with her! Good luck Clarisa!


Halloween celebrations in Room 14

The children from Room 14 had great fun dressing up for Halloween! Check out our costumes!

Halloween Art in Room 4

Check out these cool pieces of Halloween art!

Happy Halloween from Room 4

Happy Halloween from all the pupils in Room 4. We dressed up and played lots of Halloween games!

Happy Halloween from Room 1

Happy Halloween from all the boys and girls in Room 1!