Buddy Christmas art with Room 8 and Room 15

Room 8 (2nd class) and Room 15 (5th class) got together to do some art together.

Room 15 were learning about procedural writing and write instructions about how to make a cool Christmas decorations. Then Room 8 were invited to their room to complete the procedure with their new friends from 5th class.

We learned lots about each other and hope to do something together sometime soon.

Christmas Concerts 2016

All of the boys and girls in 3rd, 4th and 5th class were very busy practicing and learning lines and dance routines for the Christmas concerts this year.

The pupils and the parents/family/friends really enjoyed the day! Well done everyone!

Positivity in Room 15

We were thinking of all the things we really like about each other in Room 15.

We wrote down really positive things about our friends. It was really nice to read them.

Room 15 – visiting Santa

Room 15 were very busy making crowns and collecting coins in preparation for our visit to Santa.

We sang songs and spread some Christmas cheer. It was great fun. Thanks to the Parents Association for all of their hard work-and of course thanks to Santa!

Friendship Fortnight assembly 2016

All of the pupils and teachers got together to celebrate all the work that we have done during Friendship Fortnight.

We sang songs, heard stories and answered lots of questions about how to be a good friend and help each other.

It was a super assembly and thanks to Mr. Mooney and Ms. Biesty for organising everything to do with Friendship Fortnight this year.

Science week in Room 17 – Showcase event

We had a lot of fun making experiments for Science Week. Some experiments were periscopes, lava lamps, the vanishing pepper act, home-made snow and many more!

Maths week in Room 17

For Maths Week we made quizzes, crack the codes and maths trails for every class. There were also lots of competitions where we estimated, made posters and coloured in maths  pages.

Dress up fun in Room 17

For Halloween, lots of people dressed up in Halloween costumes. We dressed up in zombies, Harley Quinn, Mario, witches and dead rock stars.

Dual language in Room 17

Our class recently started our Dual Language Book. We write about ourselves in Irish and English. We write about our school, friends, hobbies and much more!

Celebrating Roald Dahl in Room 17

For Roald Dahl Day we dressed up in costumes such as Matilda, Fanatastic Mr.Fox, George and Mr.Twit. Everyone put a lot of effort in their costumes.