Science week in Room 17 – Showcase event

We had a lot of fun making experiments for Science Week. Some experiments were periscopes, lava lamps, the vanishing pepper act, home-made snow and many more!

Maths week in Room 17

For Maths Week we made quizzes, crack the codes and maths trails for every class. There were also lots of competitions where we estimated, made posters and coloured in maths  pages.

Dress up fun in Room 17

For Halloween, lots of people dressed up in Halloween costumes. We dressed up in zombies, Harley Quinn, Mario, witches and dead rock stars.

Dual language in Room 17

Our class recently started our Dual Language Book. We write about ourselves in Irish and English. We write about our school, friends, hobbies and much more!

Celebrating Roald Dahl in Room 17

For Roald Dahl Day we dressed up in costumes such as Matilda, Fanatastic Mr.Fox, George and Mr.Twit. Everyone put a lot of effort in their costumes.

Room 17 – Marathon training!

We practiced for the marathon. Every day we had to run laps, we started of with two laps and worked our way up to eighteen laps. It became really difficult but we had a lot of fun.