Celebrating Mexico in 5th class

The 5th classes got together to celebrate learning all about Mexico. We had a big Mexican party with yummy Mexican food, dancing and even costumes.

It was super fun!

Fraction fun in Room 11

We have been learning all about fractions in room 11.  We love using cubes to help us learn!

Grandparents Day 2017

St. Louis Senior and Junior Primary Schools marked Grandparents Day today, Friday January 20th to celebrate the special role Grandparents play in our lives. Today we celebrate the fact that much of what we have today is due to our grandparents. The work they’ve completed, the way they’ve raised their families and the lessons they’ve taught us all add to what we have and who we are today.

Some students from First Class performed for the grandparents after a tea/coffee reception. The grandparents then visited the classrooms around the school telling stories of what changes they’ve noticed over their lives, answering the students many questions and hearing songs and poems performed by the children.

The morning was brought to a close in Halla Cullen with the Junior and Senior School Choirs performing a few songs from their repertoire. 

Happy Grandparents Day! 




Room 6 – Young Scientists 2016 – Showcase event

Mr Roche and Room 6 went to the RDS this week and displayed their very hard work regarding fitness and coordination.

It was a super day and the boys and girls worked very hard to get their display ready for the exhibition.

Well done to Room 6 and to Mr. Roche.