Learning about electricity in Room 11 – Energy and Forces

We’ve been learning all about electricity in Room 11! We rubbed balloons on our jumpers to create static electricity. Because of the static energy, the balloons were able to pick up small pieces of paper and Rice Krispies! It was so much fun!

Room 11 – Celebrating World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day Room 11 attended an event in Dubray Books. We were so delighted to meet author Erika McGann and hear her speak all about being an author where she got the ideas for her new book, ‘The Clubhouse Mystery’. She gave us brilliant tips for writing our own stories and answered lots of questions too. We can’t wait to read ‘The Clubhouse Mystery’!

Testing for acids and bases in Room 15 – Materials

We were learning all about acids and bases and the pH scale in science this week.

We learned that an acid will turn litmus paper red and a base will turn it blue.

We experimented with cola, baking soda, washing powder, soap, sugary water, alka-seltzer, orange juice, vinegar and lemon juice. The results were very interesting.

Room 15 – Hour of Code – Technology

We went to the computer room with some people from Microsoft to take part in the Hour of Code.

It was really great to learn all about coding and making our own games on the computer.

Thanks to Mr. Roche for organising it.

Room 15 – Irish rugby training session

Room 15 were very lucky and went to the Aviva stadium to watch the Irish Rugby team training.

It was a super day and we got to see some of the world class players up close!