Santry sports 2017

All of the boys and girls were working hard to compete for a place to represent St. Louis in Santry sports stadium in lots of events.

The boys and girls that made it through training went to Santry on Monday.

They worked hard in all of their races and competitions.

Mr. Bermingham was even talking about Santry Sports on RTÉ!

Well done everyone!

Art work in Room 1

We had lots of fun using fabric in Art this week. We drew pictures of our bedrooms and then decorated them using colouring pencils and pieces of fabric. They look great!

Peer tutoring in Room 1

We worked on our typing skills in the computer room today. We typed paragraphs all about ourselves and wrote about our hobbies. Room 1 really enjoyed working with the boys and girls from Room 15 on this activity.


Room 15 – Cinema trip

Room 15 went to Parnell street cineworld cinema with Cinemagic.

We learned all about dinosaurs from a dinosaur expert and then we watched ‘The Good Dinosaur’.

We learned lots of new facts.

Art competition in Room 1

Room 1 really enjoyed drawing and painting these colourful art pieces for this years art competition. We are looking forward to seeing our work displayed for the rest of the school!

Making monsters in Room 15

The pupils in Room 15 were so busy with Ms. Ray collecting recyclable materials for their monsters.

They planned what it would look like in groups and wrote about the history of their monsters.

When they were finished they presented them in front of the class.

They look super! Well done everyone!

Room 11 – People in our community

Room 11 are learning all about people who help us in the community! We are also learning some new researching skills!

In order to gather information, we did a KWL activity. Here we chose a book about a job, e.g. Nurse, Doctor, Vet. We wrote down everything we KNOW about the job first.
Then we wrote down everything we WANTED to know. 
Next it was time to research! We read books about different jobs to learn some new information. Finally we wrote down what we LEARNED. 
We had great fun and learned a lot! 

Friction in Room 7 – Forces and energy

Room 7  were learning about friction in science. They were testing various surfaces on a ramp to measure how far the roller would travel depending on the friction level on each of the 4 ramps.

They used metre sticks for their measurements. The ramps were all at the same height to make sure the test was fair.


Room 2 – Visit UCD to make rockets – Energy and forces

Room 3 were invited to UCD by Sam’s Dad Tom. We learned all about the planets and used water pressure to create rockets. We got to design the rockets too.

It was a great day!