5th class Grand Canal project competition

Eanna ní Lamhna came back into the school to judge the hard work of all the 5th class pupils on their Grand Canal projects.

She was very impressed with the work that had been put into them.

Well done to all the winners and all of the participants.

Football blitz

The Gardaí invited 5th class to the army barracks to take part in a soccer blitz.

We got to play lots of skill games, practice out penalty taking and play a match.

It was a super day and thanks to Garda Brendan for organising it and inviting us.

5th class school tour

Rooms 4, 14  & 15 went with the 6th classes to Lilliput Adventure Centre on their school tour.
We set off from school on the buses very early and travelled to Mullingar in Westmeath. We were all very excited to get there and start our activities.
We got to do loads of different games and activities like rock climbing, group games, capture the flag activity, Aeroball, kayaking, bog hopping, orienteering and archery.
It was an amazing day!

A visit from a vet

Mark is a vet and today he visited 2nd class. We learned all about his work and he showed us pictures of some of the animals that he has helped. It was very interesting and we enjoyed asking him questions.

Active Week 2017 – School dance 2017

All of the pupils and teachers went to the yard to dance this week.

We all learned the Beyoncé dance and performed it together. Then we danced to some of our favourite tunes!

It was so much fun.

Army Band visit St. Louis

The Army band came to visit St. Louis and all of the pupils went to Halla Cullen to learn about the different instruments and hear lots of super music from the band.

It was great to learn so much about the different instruments.

Active Week 2017 Day #4

Today we were all playing dodgeball.

It was great fun and we loved playing so many games with our friends.

Active Week 2017 Day #3

Today we were doing lots of different activities in the yard in station teaching. All of the pupils were going to different stations every 2 minutes and were working their hardest at their activities and then were moving onto another station.

Some of the stations were skipping, keepy-uppys, burpees,, basketball shots, wall sit, ladder runs and push ups!

Some other pupils were also playing volleyball today too!


Active Week 2017 Day #2

Today was sports day.

We were in the yards taking part in lots of activities with Ms. Feeney, Ms. Kilcommons and Mr. Whelan. Some of the activities were football, hockey, penalty shootout, throwing games, limbo and a water obstacle course!

We were also up in Kenilworth Park with Ms. Stone, Mr. Coghlan and Ms. O’ Brien and we ran lots of races, played rounders and we were orienteering.

It was a really great day!