Take on the Teachers Challenge 2017

This year the whole school took part in a ‘Take on the Teachers Challenge’

All of the pupils went up against lots of teachers all day in different events on Thursday 28th September. We were celebrating National Fitness Day in our school.

It was so much fun taking part in the different events such as:




Hoola hoop challenge

Bean bag toss

Basketball shots

Penalty shootout

Plank off

Wall sit challenge.


We kept track of the score all day using tally markings to see who would win between the pupils and the teachers. It was a great way to get fit and active as a whole school!!

Creating crazy hair designs in Room 15

The boys and girls in Room 15 were busy creating crazy hair designs using their drawing skills.

They then used paint and air blown through a straw to create the wild hair designs.

They look super!

Maths fun in Room 10

We love maths Fridays in room 10! We had lots of fun problem solving and teaching each other new games! Have a look! 

Science in Room 12 – sense of taste – Ourselves and Living Things

Tasting sour, bitter, salty and sweet food in school as we learn about our sense of taste. 

Science in Room 12 – Ourselves and Living Things

The boys and girls had great fun building a skeleton. The learned a lot about the bones in the skeleton.