Room 14 – Minibeast hunt – Ourselves and Living Things

Room 14 conducted a minibeast hunt in the Millennium Playground this week. We looked at the different habitats in the school environment and using pooters and magnifying glasses, we were then able to examine and classify the various minibeasts that we found. We never knew that so many different creatures lived in our school environment! We found worms, woodlice, flies, spiders and millipedes to name a few! It was loads of fun. We then wrote up our results back in the classroom.

4th class – Mathemagician trip!

Fourth class had a fantastic day at the Helix, where they had their
minds blown by Andrew Jeffrey the mathemagician! He performed lots of
exciting maths magic tricks and showed us all some good tips on
remembering our tables. What a great way to celebrate maths week!

Senior GAA

The senior Gaelic football team have been training hard and playing matches since the beginning of the year.

They reached the semi-final and were playing their match in Walkinstown.

It was a super game with everyone trying their very best and playing hard for themselves and their team mates.

Unfortunately they were beaten by a very small margin of two points after a brilliant fight back in the second half.

Well done to all of the players and the coaches. You all played a brilliant game and well done for getting to the semi-final.


Maths Week 2017

We were celebrating Maths Week this week in school.

Mr. Mooney organised lots of great activities for the whole school.

There were estimation stations, daily maths questions for each class and a maths fair during the week. Lots of teachers did some maths trails and activities with their classes too.

At the maths fair there were activities in time, length, weight and shape.

It was great fun and thanks to Mr. Mooney and all of his helpers for a super maths week!!


Eggsperiment in Room 13 – Forces and Energy

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a flying egg!

The budding engineers and aeronauts of Room 13 were challenged with the eggciting task of designing and creating a parachute which would allow Humpty Dumpty to float safely to the ground.  

It was eggssential that they took great care when designing their parachute and were careful to take both gravity and air resistance into account when designing their parachute.

The task was very well eggsecuted with a respeggtable 2 out of 6 Humpty Dumpty survivors.

Well done on a cracking effort Room 13!

Procedural writing in Room 11

The boys and girls in Room 11 were learning about procedural writing.

The were learning how to make toast.

They learned the different steps to take and they even got to try out their steps by making toast themselves with a jam topping! Yummy!!

A scientist visits Room 16 – Space Week

Tom Mc Cormack (Ben’s dad) visited room 16 to talk to the children for space week. He explained about space to the children: the vast spaces between celestial bodies, the things that float around up there, the extremes of temperatures etc. He explained what’s needed to launch a satellite and he did some experiments on gravity and with liquid nitrogen. Thank you Tom!

Celebrating Space Week

Room 3 and Room 13 took part in some exciting science experiments as part of Space Week. A big thank you to Tom Mc Cormack from UCD for coming in to talk to us!


Room 14 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inventions

Room 14 created some amazing Willy Wonka inspired chocolate inventions after listening to Roald Dahl’s story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! We made these using clay and painted them afterwards.

Room 3 & Room 13 – visit with an author

Room 3 and Room 13 had a great morning in Rathmines library, where they were visited by the author Jackie Burke. We were lucky enough to hear extracts from both her 2nd and 3rd books in the Grindlewood Series and had the chance to ask questions about the series. Jackie also spoke about what it is like to  be an author and shared some great tips for story writing!