Senior GAA

The senior Gaelic football team have been training hard and playing matches since the beginning of the year.

They reached the semi-final and were playing their match in Walkinstown.

It was a super game with everyone trying their very best and playing hard for themselves and their team mates.

Unfortunately they were beaten by a very small margin of two points after a brilliant fight back in the second half.

Well done to all of the players and the coaches. You all played a brilliant game and well done for getting to the semi-final.


2 thoughts on “Senior GAA

  1. Hard luck guys! You did soo well!! Even though you didn’t win the school is still very proud of you all!

  2. It was so fun! Thank you for the teachers who trained us for those matches! <3 But we unfortunately lost 🙁 But it was fun supporting our team! GO ST.LOUIS!!

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